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Red de Gobernanza y Gestión del Conocimiento, la Ciencia, la Tecnología y la Innovación. 2019.

International Conference

Governance of Science and Innovation​.

Towards inclusive development

July 31th, August 1st and 2nd, 2019. Bogotá, Colombia

The Conference's program

The Conference will have three international key note speakers: Stefan Kuhlmann (The Netherlands), Isabel Bortagaray (Uruguay) y Susan Cozzens (United States). It will be organized in keynote speeches, discussion panels in plenaries, and paralell sessions where research will be discussed.

Important dates


February 4th 2019

Call for abstracts: Start of abstract submission

May 6th 2019

Abstract submission deadline extended

May 20th 2019

Notification of abstract acceptance

May 21st 2019

Registration begins

June 30th 2019

Deadline for registration

July 31st 2019

Conference opening

August 1st and 2nd 2019

International Conference

Stefan Kuhlmann

Isabel Bortagaray

Susan Cozzens

Organizer: GCTI Network

The Network of Governance and Management of Knowledge, Science, Technology and Innovation (GCTI Network) is a conglomerate of researchers, institutions and individuals interested in strengthening the governance and management of science, technology, innovation and knowledge in Colombia.

Key-note speakers

Learn more about the international key-note speakers.


Learn more about the tracks that compose the academic agenda of the Conference.

About the Conference

There is a growing recognition about the importance of science, technology and innovation (STI) as an engine for creativity, social, environmental and economic development in the world. In fact, different countries invest more than 1% of its GDP on scientific research and experimental development, indicating a determined and sustained commitment on STI.

On the other hand, most Latin American countries do not invest in such activities, and lack robust and ambitious agendas to promote their use in solving all kinds of problems.

Particularly in Colombia, investment in STI is insignificant compared with other items (0.6% of GDP), and the public agenda on the subject seems to be restricted to the use of scientific research to increase competitiveness. This shows an underestimation of the contribution of STI to the development of creativity, construction of critical thinking, social appropriation of knowledge, and its contribution to the solution of challenges pertaining to sustainable development.

In spite of its positive effects, STI may also generate problems, and the concern in this regard is correspondingly growing. Such activities can contribute to environmental deterioration, inequality, unemployment, and even endanger the human species.

These threat and opportunity situations represented by STI, encourage serious thought on the value of science for society, and its relationship with public policy on this topic. Such reflection not only pertains to the scientific community, but also to those involved in policy making, vis-à-vis the design and course of politics, business, and civil society in general.

Hence, throughout three days, this Conference offers a valuable opportunity for policy-makers, academics, international public policy scholars, civil society, legislatures, business people, and public in general, critically and constructively discuss the contribution and value of STI, and its governance for inclusive development in emerging economies such as Colombia, capitalizing from their strengths and local potential.

The Conference is organized by the STI Governance Network - GSTI Network, with sponsorship from the Universidad Externado de Colombia, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Universidad de los Andes, the Colombian Association for the Advancement of Science, and the Colombian Observatory for Science and Technology.

There will be main sessions (plenaries) with international guests-Keynote Speakers, as well as parallel sessions, where advances in research, and/or authorships will be presented, resulting from a previously reviewed call of abstracts. This call is open until April 22nd for the event´s eleven thematic tracks.

Download the Conference's draft Program #CongresoGCTI