Universidad Externado de Colombia

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Universidad de los Andes | Vigilada Ministerio de Educación Nacional de Colombia

Reconocimiento como Universidad: Decreto 1297 del 30 de mayo de 1964

Reconocimiento personería jurídica: Resolución 28 del 23 de febrero de 1949 Minjusticia

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

| Vigilada Ministerio de Educación Nacional de Colombia |

Red de Gobernanza y Gestión del Conocimiento, la Ciencia, la Tecnología y la Innovación. 2019.

STI & productive development

This track focuses on addressing the articulation between CTI and productive development. Science, technology and innovation activities stem from the premise of contextual changes in the socio-economic system of each country, and are subject to multiple tensions derived from the interests and visions of actors, and their constructions in matters of public policy, organizational strategy, design institutional and other dimensions. For instance, the participation and relative importance of the productive sectors in the economy of a country is simultaneously a condition and result of the relationship between science, technology and innovation, and productive development.

Coordinators: Jaime Sierra and Juan Pablo Isaza